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This project is no longer maintained, please read the release notes for the last version v0.4.4.


🌎 English | 🌏 简体中文

Telegram local messages anti-revoke plugin.

🔍 Preview


  • Prevent local messages from being revoked by the server.
  • Revoked messages will be marked as "deleted".
  • The plugin has excellent compatibility.
  • Multi-language support.

🍅 Compatibility

Usually the plugin is not affected by small updates of Telegram.
But some updates may cause the plugin to error or crash, please report the issue and wait for the plugin to be updated.

If you are using Telegram beta, please check the latest preview version.
(Compatibility updates for Telegram beta may not be released in time)

🍔 Usage

  1. Go to the Release Page to download the latest version of the plugin.
  2. Open Telegram and open the top-left menu. From there, note the application version and architecture *ARCH* (x86 or x64) which is labelled under the version, e.g Version x.x.x x64 (If you are under x84, there is no *ARCH* displayed).
  3. Close the running Telegram process.
  4. Follow the instructions accordly to your Telegram version (Before v2.8.5 - Since v2.8.5)
  5. Run Telegram.

Before v2.8.5

  1. Move the file TAR-Resources\*ARCH*.dll to the Telegram directory as version.dll.
  2. Run Telegram.exe.

Since v2.8.5

  1. Turn off the option Launch Telegram when system starts in the Telegram settings.
  2. Move the file TAR-Launcher-*ARCH*.exe and the folder TAR-Resources to the Telegram directory.
  3. You need to run TAR-Launcher-*ARCH*.exe to start Telegram each time.

Since v2.8.5 - Start with system

  1. Copy the file TAR-Launcher-*ARCH*.exe to your clipboard.
  2. Navigate to shell:startup in Explorer (or run it in Win+R).
  3. Right-click (open the context menu) and Paste shortcut in that directory.
  4. Optionally to make it start minimized see the -autostart guide.

🛠️ Build

See the Build Instructions.

🐛 Report

Please use the Issue Tracker to report issues or suggest new features.
To avoid duplication of issues, please check existing issues before submitting.

💎 ThirdParty

🍺 Acknowledgments

  • Thanks to 采蘑菇的小蘑菇 for providing help with compiling Telegram.
  • Thanks to dummycatz for pointing out the cause of cross-module malloc / free crash.

⚠️ Warning

  • The plugin makes no warranties and any risk of use is at your own risk.
  • This open source project and plugin is unofficial and is for educational purposes only.