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An ai chat bot for samp using aiml,pyaiml,pawn,flask
Pawn Python
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This is sample ai chatting bot using aiml,flask,pyaiml and pawn for sa-mp.You can add your own aiml files in sampai.aiml to change the bot behaviour.The current aiml files is from AI Foundation's A.L.I.C.E. bot. click here for forum thread

How to use this script?

  1. Clone this repository
    git clone
  2. Compile the sample bot script in filterscripts folder and add them to your server project
  3. Install python (i recommend python 3.5+ versions) dependencies using pip
    pip install flask python-aiml
  4. Start the web server using the script in web-server folder
  5. Start your samp server and use the command /ask <message> to talk with the bot



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