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Hello Java Sample

This sample (originally based on the SpringSource sample) aims to demonstrate the simplest possible Servlet-based Java webapp. Here we walk through the entire content of the application.

Building the Application

Make sure you have Maven installed. Then, cd into the root directory and execute:

mvn clean package

That will create the hello-java-1.0.war file within the 'target' directory.

Running the Application

To run the application, make sure you have the HPE Helion Stackato client installed and that you are logged in successfully for your desired target environment (e.g. http://api.stackato.local).

Then execute:

stackato push -n 

Notice that it detected the app type as "Java Web Application". In this case, it's only recognizing a runtime (Java) but not a framework (e.g. Spring or Grails), since this really is just a barebones Java web application. If you were to create a Spring or Grails application, you would see that it detects both the runtime and the framework.

The result when visiting the 'Application Deployed URL' should look something like this:

Hello from

That's all. Have fun!