Scirius is a web application for Suricata ruleset management.
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reidrankin and regit Don't choke if directories merely end with "rules"
The Snort VRT rules tarballs, for example, have `rules`, `preproc_rules`, and `so_rules` directories. The check here needs to find directories literally named "rules", whether at the root or nested, but should not fail on these other cases.
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Scirius Community Edition is a web interface dedicated to Suricata ruleset management. It handles the rules file and update associated files.

Suricata page

Scirius CE is developed by Stamus Networks and is available under the GNU GPLv3 license.


Scirius can build Suricata ruleset composed of different sources. Sources or feeds can be picked from public sources published by OISF or can be custom.

public sources from OISF

Scirius will take care of refreshing the sources and composing the ruleset by applying your transformation on it.

Ruleset with 5 sources

Transformations like disabling a rule or applying a threshold (to lower the noise only) can be made for each rule or at the category level.

Rule page

Scirius also presents statistics on rules activity to give information and facilitate the tuning.

Get Help


Scirius Documentation is on readthedocs.


You can join IRC #SELKS channel on to get help.

You can also ask Scirius related questions on SELKS Forum.

Report an issue

You can report an issue on GitHub issue page.


From improving the documentation to coding new features, there is more than one way to contribute to Scirius. And for all contributions please use a Pull Request on Github.