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Pow2Wow is a Conference Monitoring tool for Asterisk/Freeswitch. It allows you to interrogate the conferencing server and see who is actually present in the conference room. Some basic features, such as Mute, UnMute, Kick, Invite or Talk, are available.

It is based on the Django Python Framework which enables the building of clean, maintainable web applications, and encourages rapid development with a clean and pragmatic design.

Star2Billing S.L. is the company behind the development of Pow2Wow, and was originally formed to replace the project WebMeetMe with a more flexible and suitable solution. Professional support for installation and consultancy services are available


Monitor all the active conference room

Usage : http://localhost:8000/conf/

  • Login option is available to become an Admin (Moderator)

Add your conf number to the url to monitor a conference

Usage : http://localhost:8000/conf/5000/

Admin interface

This interface allow you to create new moderator : http://localhost:8000/admin/

2 type of users

  • Admin : Have rights to any action : Kick, Mute, Unmute, stop conference, Invite User.
  • Visitor : Visitor won't be able to run any action and the options won't be displayer.

Configure the Invite Route to use, SIP / IAX and the trunk

Edit /usr/share/django_app/pow2wow/settings.py

# INVITE SETTINGS # Set how Asterisk will invite new members INVITE_ROUTE = "SIP/areski/";



Coding Conventions

Please refer to those sources for the Coding Conventions :


Star2Billing S.L. offers consultancy including installation, training and customisation

Please email us at sales@star2billing.com for more information