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MinGW Distro:

Here are the build scripts for my MinGW distro.

You'll need to run them in MSYS2, which you can set up without an installer:

  • Go to:
  • Download: msys2-base-x86_64-<RELEASE_DATE>.tar.xz
  • Extract it to: C:\Temp\msys64
  • Run: msys2_shell.cmd
  • Restart MSYS2 when you're instructed to.
  • In MSYS2, repeatedly run pacman -Syuu until you see:
    :: Synchronizing package databases...
     mingw32 is up to date
     mingw64 is up to date
     ucrt64 is up to date
     clang64 is up to date
     msys is up to date
    :: Starting core system upgrade...
     there is nothing to do
    :: Starting full system upgrade...
     there is nothing to do
  • In MSYS2, run: pacman -Su cmake diffutils m4 make nasm ninja patch tar texinfo
  • In MSYS2, repeatedly run pacman -Syuu again. Answer Y if you're asked:
    :: Replace pkg-config with msys/pkgconf? [Y/n]
  • You can customize the terminal's appearance with Right Click > Options.... I prefer:
    • Text: Consolas, 16pt
    • Window: 120 Columns, 50 Rows

Important Notes

The build scripts assume that:

  • C:\MinGW contains the previous version of the distro.
    • This assumption is centralized in, where it says export X_DISTRO_ROOT=/c/mingw.
  • C:\Temp\gcc is usable as a working directory.
    • This assumption isn't centralized.
  • The build scripts live next to the sources, not directly within C:\Temp\gcc.
    • I put the build scripts and the sources into C:\Temp\gcc\sources-VERSION.

I highly recommend that you execute each build script by hand before attempting to run it in one shot.

Stephan T. Lavavej -


MinGW distro build scripts.






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