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Tips and Tricks

  • Sublime Text has a Distraction Free mode which is great with Markdown writing. Key binding for it: Shift F11 on Windows/Linux, Ctrl Shift F on Mac OS X.
  • See this excellent list on Macstories for more tips and tricks.

Complementary Packages

MarkdownEditing plays well with others. Below are multiple Sublime Text packages and apps which work well in tandem with MarkdownEditing.

  • OpenUrl: Markdown files usually contains URLs. If you want to open URLs under the cursor with a keybinding, you may want to install OpenUrl plugin. It will work on local files, too.

  • TypeWriter: TypeWriter provides a typewriter like writing environment. Excerpt from its homepage:

    Typewriter Typing disables your cursor keys and all bindings that move the cursor and/or select text, leaving you only with letters, numbers, symbols, Backspace, Delete and Enter.

  • FullScreenStatus: If you install FullScreenStatus plugin, MarkdownEditing will provide an extra functionality for Distraction Free mode. When you switch to Distraction Free mode, your current line will always be vertically centered as you edit. You can enable this functionality for normal mode, too, via settings.

Syntax aides

  • SublimeTableEditor: Makes table editing a much more pleasant experience. Several table formats are supported.


Although MarkdownEditing doesn't include previewing functionality there are many ways of including this in Sublime Text.

OS agnostic

  • OmniMarkupPreviewer: Opens up a browser window with a preview of the formatted document. Custom CSS can be used by modifying here. As you continue to edit markdown file, browser tab will automatically update. It doesn't require saving the file.

Mac OS X


Marked: “Pick your favorite editor: Marked's flexible Markdown preview will show you the final output of your document as you work, and its writing tools make your life easier from concept to publish.”



In the flavor of Marked, but for windows, Markdown Buddy is an overlay that you point at a file, and it will show you the formatting of your document as you work.

Other Markdown-related packges


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