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Sumo Logic, Inc.

Hi, we are Sumo Logic

We help companies and individual developers to reduce downtime with real-time alerting, dashboards, and machine-learning-powered analytics for all three types of telemetry — logs, metrics, and traces.

If you want to learn more please make sure to visit our Sumo Logic website.

Sumo Logic Org

This organization is a home for the Sumo Logic supported open source projects that help you work with us - like our OpenTelemetry Distro, Kubernetes Helm Chart or Python SDK


All of the repositories in this organization have full Sumo Logic support. To get help please go to our Knowledge Base or create an issue directly in the repositories.

Community projects

We also maintain the labs organization for all the community supported projects.


  1. Welcome to Sumo Logic's Community Content Repository!

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  2. Sumo Logic collection solution for Kubernetes

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