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CTSe - Captain Toad Save Editor

A save game editor for all versions of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. This project uses org.json, Aurum's Java Utility Library and Apache Ant to build distributables. The fundamental features of this project are 100% finished. However, I'm open to include new localizations for other languages if people can provide them.


  • Supports all major game versions:
    • Wii U v1.0.0
    • Wii U v1.1.0 (amiibo Support)
    • 3DS v1.0.0
    • Switch v1.0.0
    • Switch v1.1.0 (Co-op Mode)
    • Switch v1.2.0 (Special Episode DLC)
    • Switch v1.3.0 (VR Mode)
  • All outdated save files can be converted to the latest version (Switch v1.3.0). This allows you to replay your old save files from Wii U or 3DS on the Switch!
  • All level and episode data and scores can be edited. This includes collectibles, coin highscore and more.
  • The number of lives and other major game data can be edited.
  • Nice preview images and a structured tree view for every ingame level.
  • The editor supports multiple languages. As of now, English and German are supported.


  • Support for the Switch eShop Demo won't be added in any way since it is not a complete game. Converting its level progress is not useful as it would cause major gaps in the game progression.
  • Flexible conversion between all game versions is incredibly tedious to implement even for such a small game. Switch v1.3.0 is the latest version and the one that people are most likely to play on.