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Web Portal for sunbird software. Provides the web interfaces for all functionality of Sunbird. Find the installation instructions at:
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What is Sunbird?

Sunbird is a next-generation scalable open-source learning solution for teachers and tutors. Built for the 21st century with state-of-the-art technology, Sunbird runs natively in cloud/mobile environments. The open-source governance of Sunbird allows a massive community of nation-builders to co-create and extend the solution in novel ways.

What is the project mission?

Project Sunbird has a mission to improve learning outcomes for 200 million children across India. This is a multi-dimensional problem unique to the multi-lingual offline population of India (and other developing countries). It's not a problem of any single organization or stakeholder and it cannot be realistically addressed by individual effort.

Project Sunbird is an open, iterative and collaborative approach to bring together the best minds in pursuit of this audacious goal.

What is the Sunbird portal?

The Sunbird portal is the browser-based interface for the Sunbird application stack. It provides a web-app through which all functionality of Sunbird can be accessed.

Getting started

To get started with the Sunbird portal, please try out our cloud-based demo site at:

Local Installation

You can also install the Sunbird portal locally on your laptop, please follow the installation instructions

Reporting Issues

We have an open and active issue tracker. Please report any issues.

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