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Overload python functions to behave diffrently depending on number and types of arguments.


pip install p2-overload


from overload import *

# types and number or agrs:
def quantify(n):
    return 'quantify' * n

def quantify(s):
    return s * 2

@overload(str, int)
def quantify(s, n):
    return s * n

assert quantify(2) == 'quantifyquantify'
assert quantify('bye') == 'byebye'
assert quantify('xy', 3) == 'xyxyxy'

# predicates on args
@overload(int, int)
def step(start, step):
    return start + step

@overload(int, callable)
def step(start, succ):
    return succ(start)

# use tuple of types
@overload((list, tuple))
def twice(coll):
    return coll + coll

# use custom predicates
from whatever import _

@overload(_ < 2) # same as lambda x: x < 2
def fib(n):
    return n

def fib(n):
    return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)


  • support named and optional arguments
  • ellipsis