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How to run

  • gem install canuby
  • canuby

To get a full list of all arguments invoke canuby with the --help flag.


Some rake tasks have longer descriptions and are only complettly readable if you use rake -T | cat or rake -D

On Windows version older than 10 (like Windows 7 or Windows 8) you may need to install the win32console gem to show colors correctly. To do that run in an elevated prompt: gem install win32console.

Version scheme

Canuby uses this MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version scheme. It is based on version scheme.

How to run from source

To install all required gems including bundler and setup your repository run those commands. On Windows it may be necessary to use an elevated command prompt to install all gems correctly.

  • gem install bundler
  • ruby bin/setup

To use canuby from source run one of those commands inside your cloned repository.

  • bundler exec canuby or ruby exe/canuby

To install the gem from source run rake install.

Some Environment variables Canuby makes use of that are usefull for debuging:

  • CI=true force CI environment
  • DEBUG=true show debug information
  • linux=true force linux environment

Exampleto force linux environment: ruby exe/canuby linux=true



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