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page2images-visual-link.jquery.js Add js files Feb 20, 2014

Page2Images Visual Link Plugin

Description: This plugin allow you visualize links of your website by just one click installation. When user move mouse over the text links, they will see a preview picture of this link. By default, [only extra links] will have preview thumbnails. You can change the setting in the JS files. Core features: Visualize the text links Support preload mode Support only extra link mode Support both of extra link mode and inner link mode Is it free? Yes, it is totally free. The free version is developed base on website screenshot provider Page2Images. If you are a developer, you can find more website screenshot api related information. You also can choose a paid rate plan to increase the image size and daily limitation. Does it support https? Free version does not support https. Where is the DEMO: Go to Move mouse over any link. You will see it.

Installation: Just download the plugin and copy it to the plugin directory. If you need change the default behavior, you can open the js file and change the value as needed. Enable preload mode - p2iQuery().run("Free", true, false); Enable preload mode & inner link mode - p2iQuery().run("Free", true, true);

FAQ: Who need this plugin? Website master who want to their users see the webpage thumbnail of one extra link before they open this page. What is the benefit? This plugin can save end users' time. They will know whether they need go to this page or not when they see the preview image. Is it free? Yes, it is totally free. But we will add a small water mark in the bottom of preview picture. The paid version does not have this limitation. Does it support https? Free version does not support https.

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