Visualization and management of denovo transcriptomes
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TBro is a Transcriptome Browser.

Getting started

See this tutorial:


A public instance of TBro with the Venus Flytrap transcriptome:

Host your own instance

Docker images are available:

How to cite

If you use TBro please cite this publication: DOI

Ankenbrand MJ, Weber L, Becker D, Förster F, and Bemm F. "TBro: Visualization and Management of de Novo Transcriptomes." Database 2016 (October 18, 2016): baw146. doi:10.1093/database/baw146.


next release

  • Fix max_input_vars issue (#54)
  • Add smartBLAST button for proteins (#52)

1.1.2 <2017-03-01 We>

  • Improve MapMan importer

1.1.1 <2016-09-28 Mo>

  • Custom annotations for unigenes

1.1.0 <2016-09-28 Mo>

  • Add custom annotations

1.0.0 <2016-04-18 Mo>

  • First stable release