The content that speakers want to share for TechBash 2016. Be sure to use #TechBash2016 when posting in social media.
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0 - Sample
Azure Web Apps
C# 6 New Language Features
CQRS - Crack for Architecture Addicts
Defense Against The Dark Arts
Escape from Serverland with Webtask
Exploring Domain-Driven Design Implementation Patterns in .NET
From Mobile First to Offline First
Getting started with EF Core
How OSS is changing the world
Ionic 2 Building Mobile Apps With the Ionic Framework and AngularJS
Is Your API Leaking
Learn A New Language Go
Microservices and Actor Models with Azure Service Fabric
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning for the Absolute Beginner
Refactoring to a S.O.L.I.D. Foundation
Robot Royal Rumble
Roslyn and You
Rx In Action
The Road to the White House goes through the Cloud
What's New In CSharp 7

TechBash 2016 Logo

TechBash 2016 session decks, sample code, links and other stuff. Be sure to use #TechBash2016 when posting in social media.

Speakers: please feel free to send me pull requests with any of your content that you want to share with the TechBash attendees. This way we have a single place for attendees to go and get content.

Organization: fork this repository and put your session materials, links or anything else in a subdirectory named with the same name as your session. Then send a pull request and I will merge it in. See the sample for an example of how it could work.

Thanks to for @jkuemerle the awesome suggestion!