Third Generation Coin & Proof of Burn & Dcrypt Algo
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ThirdGenerationCoin Official Development Repo

What is ThirdGenerationCoin?

[ThirdGenerationCoin]() (abbreviated TGC), is the first known cryptocurrency designed as a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work system that can be mined using a special "Dcrypt" algorithm. ThirdGenerationCoin is build upon Bitcoin and PeerCoin, but unique in the fact that it is more energy efficiency, as proof-of-stake blocks require minimal energy consumption. The Dcrypt algorithm is extremely anti-asic and currently can only be mined with a CPU. It is made so mining with hardware will be inefficient, given the intensity of this algorithm, thus forcing the users to mine through the proof-of-stake. Thus, with ThirdGenerationCoin energy consumption would decrease over time as proof-of-work blocks become less rewarding and coin generation becomes increasingly based on proof-of-stake block generation.