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Bring back the original sound on your Megadrive/Genesis. Original design from Ace and Villahed94
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Mega Amp 2.0 Pro

Original design by Ace and Villahed94

What makes the Mega Amp 2.0 different from the original design? Due to limitations of the chosen op-amps on the original Mega Amp, volume levels are limited to those of every Genesis made from the VA0 Genesis Model 2 onwards. With new components chosen for the Mega Amp 2.0, you can now blow your ears out with sound even louder than the loudest Genesis Model 1s. Every Genesis will now be able to drive headphones, as well. The transistor buffers from the original design are gone, replaced by a TDA1308, a dual op-amp with a built-in headphone driver. It is this chip that is able to bring the higher volume and also simplify the design by integrating a superior headphone driver. The Mega Amp 2.0 retains the 3.68KHz low-pass filtering for Genesis Model 1-like audio on the filtered setup, but the unfiltered setup now goes beyond the audible spectrum, filtering frequencies past 24.56KHz for the clearest sound possible.

This is the big one, the full-featured Mega Amp 2.0. It has it all: multiple different filter setups, Stereo and Mono audio, AND the added bonus of Sega CD audio mixing (Sega CD Model 2 or modded Sega CD Model 1 required to take advantage of this). Anyone who owns a Sega CD can choose what kind of audio they want out of their Genesis and Sega CD.

To sum up the Mega Amp 2.0: -An even simpler design over the original Mega Amp (excluding the Mega Amp 2.0 Pro) -Filtered circuits deliver the same sound as a VA0 to VA2 Genesis Model 1 minus distortion -Unfiltered circuits deliver the full spectrum of the Genesis' audio output -The loudest audio levels of any audio amp for the Genesis, including Sega’s amp for the VA3 Genesis Model 1 -Improved headphone support -Sega CD pass-through for the Mega Amp 2.0 Pro for a true replacement audio circuit with no loss in functionality -Mega Amp 2.0 Pro can add Sega CD pass-through to the Genesis Model 1

All explanation and installation are here:!

Boards can be ordered on OSHPark


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