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wlmessage 0.1
 Tarnyko <>

 Description :
  wlmessage is a Wayland equivalent of xmessage for X11 ;
it is a toolkit-independant util which allows displaying
a message window (eventually with an icon), and returns 
the user input on buttons and text areas.

  It is especially useful for scripts. The program returns
a value matching the clicked button (use "echo $?"), and
eventually sends the text area content to stdout.

 Installation :
$ autoreconf --install
$ ./configure --disable-egl
$ make
$ make install

 Usage :
$ wlmessage "Where do you want to install this application ?"
 -title "Installer" -textfield "/usr/local/app"
 -buttons Ok:1,Cancel:0 -default Cancel
 -icon app.png -timeout 30

  This command will return 1 or 0 depending on the clicked
button, 0 (Cancel) being the default is the user presses
[Enter]. "/usr/local/app" or any other entered text will
be sent to stdout. The window will vanish and return 0 after
30 seconds.

 License :
  wlmessage is under the MIT license. It contains some code
taken from Weston in "toytoolkit", which is also under the
MIT license (see "toytoolkit/COPYING").

 Requirements :
GLib, Libxkbcommon, LibPNG, Cairo, EGL/GLESv2 (optional).
Wayland >= 1.2.0. Has been tested with Weston 1.5.0.