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This is a very simple simulation program written with the aid of the Motion Grammar Kit (mgk). In particular, we use its LL(*) code generator.



Here is a overview of the files here

  • serve.c - The file that the mgk generated. It has been slightly modified after generation though.
  • draw.c - A simple general purpose drawing library in C. Unrelated to our application.
  • game.c - A file containing the logic around
  • draw_game.c - A file containing the drawing logic
  • bundle.c - Cause I don't want to mess with any .h files nor makefiles

Compile it

While I generated serve.c, I decided to commit it anyway to make it easier for others to compile. To generate the file on your own, see the next section.

This program probably will only work on Linux. But anyways, just issue

gcc serve.c -std=c99

Then run with


Generating your own serve.c and filling the stubs

  1. Install mgk -- You should now have the lisp REPL with MG> as caption.
  2. Load the value residing in grammar.lisp
  3. In the list REPL, issue (grammar->c-ll-star-parser (serve-robot-grammar)).
  4. Locate the generated C-file and import to this folder.
  5. Apply the changes I applied to serve.c (search for the pattern "XXX") to you generated source file.


If you're lazy and don't want to compile this. I've also uploaded a video.


[motion-grammar] A toy simulation of a robot serving drinks






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