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A pengiun with a rocket pack? It sure is as awesome as you're imagining!

RocketTux is a side scroller adventure that is primarily about collecting coins and completing quests by collecting items. Help Tux navigate his way through the randomly pieced together levels, managing his boosts, collecting Cubimals for bonuses, and avoiding the ever mischievous Nolok's walking bombs and other "hilarious machines"...


Download the file for your operating system, extract it, open the created folder, and run RocketTux.exe or RocketTux, as you would any other Windows or Linux program. The game should play well on any recent PC/laptop/Chromebook that has hardware accelerated graphics, 2GB RAM, and a dual core CPU. To give you an idea, it's a little slow my old Core2 Q8200 quad core desktop that has 8GB of DDR2 RAM and a 1GB Nvidia Geforce 450 graphics card, yet it plays great on my Intel based Chromebooks.

Target Audience

RocketTux is designed for kids and light-hearted adults alike. It's not meant to be a difficult or frustrating game. Students can play the game at school and browse or modify the source code to learn about programming. Indeed, it is possible to create this entire game on a Chromebook in ChromeOS directly, with the proper apps. Instructions on how to play on a Chromebook are below.


That naughty Nolok has been up to no good, again! This time he and his minions decided it would be hilarious if they took people's everyday items and hid them inside of magic blocks all over the world. Someone has to clean up Nolok's mess and Tux is always up for a challenge. Of course, Nolok isn't going to make it easy for him, even though he does think that rocket pack thing is cool. Word is that the "Rescue Girlies" are also doing making an effort to reign in Nolok's chaos.


When version 1.0 is released, the following game play will be available.

  • Boost and fly around collecting coins and items to spend on customizations to the game and to complete quests.
  • "Coin-Bounce" or use a boost to puzzle your way around obstacles to collect all the coins and quest items.
  • Open various blocks (by simply passing over them) that grant items, quests, and powerups.
  • Use one of 5 types of powerups to customize your game play experience.
  • Unlock new areas, get bonuses, and set perferences by purchasing Cubimals with your coins. Up to six Cubimals can be active at a time, in any combination.
  • Randomly generated levels with at least 26 different map sections per theme and 8 total themes.
  • Use Cumbimals to influence the time and place of your adventures, as many items can only be found in certain places at specific times of the day.
  • No death mechanic. If Tux collides with an enemy or an explosion, he gets knocked back and loses some coins from his wallet (unless he is invincible at the time). Easy mode loses fewer coins, where hard mode loses more coins.
  • No "murder hobo" lifestyle; Nolok's minions are obstacles to be avoided (you can't kill them, though the bomb guys do explode).
  • No time limits. Stop and smell the Fire Flowers!
  • No forced movement through levels.
  • No need to reach the end of a level to "beat it". In fact, you'll probably go back and forth a few times to collect everything. The level ends when you feel like leaving it. You get a bonus for collecting all the coins though.
  • No "secret areas" or other potentially annoying mechanics that you'll need to look up on the Internet just to understand!


  • RocketTux is designed to be used with keyboard and mouse. I might add game controller, but I will not be adding touch screen support.
  • The idea is to collect as many coins as you can. You have a limited amount of boosts and "coins jumps" to reach the high ones.
  • Left/Right Arrows: Move left and right.
  • Spacebar: Boost into the air. Provided he doesn't run into anything along the way, a boost will move Tux to the top of the screen.
  • Control: Small jump that will move Tux up two "blocks". Only works when standing or running.
  • Up Arrow: Gain altitude when collecting coins ("coin jump"). Hover when in the air. A small amount of altitude is lost over time.
  • Down Arrow: Hover when in the air. Do NOT gain altitude when collecting coins (handy for collecting a row of coins). Duck when on the ground.
  • Music Controls: M for mute, Comma for quieter, Period for louder.
  • B: Toggles the display of the Adventure Bag, which shows the items Tux found in a level.


  • Powerups are found in purple blocks and are awarded by some quests. Purple blocks are not found when playing in hard mode, though certains events may spawn them if Tux is lucky.
  • Star: Makes Tux fly faster and makes him run at super speed!
  • Fire Flower: Tux flies even faster than with the Star and he has a chance to gain a boost when collecting coins (to a max of 5 active boosts).
  • Water Flower: Makes Tux invincible and very lucky, but the powerup is consumed after the first time Tux collides with an enemy or an explosion.
  • Earth Flower: Makes Tux completely invincible at the cost of also making him very, very heavy. Tux can only jump 1 block, he will not boost all the way to the top of the level, and he will lose altitude much more quickly.
  • Air Flower: Makes Tux much lighter, improving his jumps (3 blocks), coin-jumps, and boosts, while also causing him to lose altitude at a slower rate.
  • All powerups, with the exception of the Earth Flower, are lost on contact with an enemy or an explosion.
  • Powerups can be removed by clicking the icon in the toolbar when playing a level.


  • Mr. Bomb: Walks around, preferably on the ground. He is programmed to run, tick, and explode when Tux gets near him. Large blast radius.
  • Mr. Short-fuse: Walks around, preferably on the ground. He doesn't have time for ticking, he just explodes! Smaller blast radius.
  • Jumpy: Likes to stay in one spot and hop the day away. Invincible, everlasting.
  • Woody: Like Jumpy, but made of wood and only found in the forest.
  • Rocketboots: Flies around, bouncing off things. He is programmed to explode when Tux gets near him, but he may well blow himself up just by bouncing around. Enormous blast radius.
  • Proppy: A special kind of bomb that dropped by Nolok when Tux opens orange boxes. Proppy will hover up and down, only moving towards Tux if he gets close enough to where he thinks he can blast Tux.
  • Fightly Fish: These giant fish love to eat penguins. Normally that's the other way around... best to avoid these bad guys if possible!

Gameplay Tips

  • Each map is a puzzle, where the idea is to collect as many coins as possible. However, you only have so many boosts and "coin jumps" to get up to the high coins and to get over obstacles. So the biggest tip is to get up to the top of the screen and go back and forth, collecting highest coins first, then work your way down.
  • If you have run out of boosts and you're stuck between obstacles, unable to small-jump out, then that's it for you on that level!
  • Don't sweat it if you weren't able to collect all the coins in a level. There are an infinite amount of chances ahead of you to collect more!

About Development

  • Current Version: 0.4.4 (Jan 2019)
  • Version 1.0 Expected: Before the heat death of the universe!
  • Programmed from scratch using Phaser CE.
  • Based on visual art assets from SuperTux and Glitch.
  • RocketTux is its own unique game, rather than a clone of Supertux.
  • Created with Linux Mint 17 and Windows 10 64Bit on an AMD FX-8320 / R9 270 based desktop PC.
  • Originally intended to be a Chrome App and optimized for low end Chromebooks, but the Chrome App arciteture was limiting. However, I kept the design philosophy and regularly test the game on an HP Chromebook 14 G4.
  • Packaged as a native application for Windows and Linux using NW.js, which is based on Node.js and the Chromium web browser.
  • No advertisements, no subscriptions, no micro-transaction, and no purchase fees. Just free, open source fun!

Milestones to Release

  • Version 0.5: All map sections completed.
  • Version 0.6: All entities are fully functional.
  • Version 0.7: Quest system completed.
  • Version 0.8: Cubimal bonus system completed.
  • Version 0.9: Music, sounds, and art finalized. Settings/preferences menu implimented.
  • Version 1.0: All issues fixed, game optimized, Windows installer released, Linux AppImages released.

Milestones Reached

  • Vesion 0.0: Prototype converted into a real project.
  • Vesion 0.1: Basic world generation and player movement, and day/night art.
  • Vesion 0.2: Complete player, level generation, and entity spawning mechanics.
  • Vesion 0.2.5: Playable basic game with usable UI.
  • Vesion 0.3: Block spawning (Quest, Powerup, Loot, Dangerous Loot) mechanic, functional powerups, implemented the 196 quest item icons, in-level item collection tracking, quest window.
  • Version 0.3.5: Enemy spawning, 3 functional enemies, player interaction with enemies, several performance improvements.
  • Version 0.4.0: All maps have level sections, functional item collection and inventory, ui window for Cubimals, game packaged to make it easy to play on Linux and Windows.


The following are links to documents related to the development of the game. Hopefully there is enough information here to help students and hobbyists make sense of how the project is laid out, how to develop for it, and how to use the included tools.

Running and Building

Project and Programming



The RocketTux source code is released under the General Public License Version 3, 29 June 2007 and the RocketTux artwork is released under the Creative Commons License. See the LICENSE file for more information. You may not copy or "fork" this repository and sell RocketTux as your own creation, no matter how you've repackaged or re-branded it.


This is an open source project that stands on the backs of many others, which is something I truly appreciate! The following is a list of people and groups who either directly or indirectly contributed to RocketTux. Without their effort, this project would not exist.



  • SuperTux2 Team for the art style and many assets.
  • Tiny Spec for the public domain release of the assets they created for their game, Glitch. All the collectable items in RocketTux are from ThirdPartyNinja's repository of Glitch items converted into PNG format.

Sound and Music

QA Testers

  • Neillia Bassett, Baylea Bassett, Abby Bassett.

Artistic Advisers

  • Neillia Bassett, Baylea Bassett, Abby Bassett.

Special Thanks


A Tux themed side scrolling coin collection game with player-influenced random level generation.




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