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The First Stellar Wallet for Android!

Stellar aims for the stars. And the nearest star system to us is Alpha Centauri! The next step to get there is a functional app for sending and receiving payments.

The app is built using AngularJS, Cordova and the Ionic Framework. We first focus on android, but as Ionic is a platform agnostic tool, feel free to try it on the platform you like.


  • Display account balances
  • Send by manually pasting an address
  • Send by scanning a QR-code
  • QR-code for receiving
  • Display recent transactions
  • Encrypted backups

Try it


I am a complete newbee to HTML/JS, Ionic, so

  • Use the app and report any bugs
  • Just contribute new code
  • Peer review and improve existing code

Levels of Contribution

There is a simple way for contribution as long as you don't develop on phone specific issues.

While the simple mode is a good way to get started, you will soon want to see this on your own device. Or check the layout on several emulated devices or whatever.


  • Fork project as usual.
  • Open file './www/index.html' with your browser. What you see is close to what you have in the app.
  • Modify the html views in './www/templates/' or the JS files in './www/js/'. Watch your changes immediatly by refreshing the page in the browser.
  • You might also want to add some JS libs to './www/lib/'.
  • See www/

Advanced (Android)

  • We recommend VisualStudio Community Edition (free) and Tools for Apache Cordova (a.k.a. Taco)
  • Fork project as usual.
  • make a copy of configTemplate.xml and name it config.xml
  • Make sure your device is visible to your computer. You can check this by running adb devices. More information coming soon.
  • Navigate to your Centaurus root folder in the command line, use ionic to add android platform
  • Build, deploy and run the app. Be Happy!
ionic platform android
ionic run android

Some problems might arise with the latest android platform version. Centaurus is best tested with version 3.7.1. You can get it by

cordova remove platform android
cordova add platform android@3.7.1

Advanced (other platforms)

No experience yet, so let us know.



Centaurus is licensed under Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.