An open-source and extensible, standalone presentation app for developers
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An open-source, desktop presentation app for developers. Built in Electron with React-Redux/TypeScript.

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Docs & Help


  • To install the application for use:

    1. download at:
  • To contribute to Devdecks development:

    1. Create a local copy of devdecks (forked, cloned, or downloaded).
    2. Navigate to the devdecks folder then npm install the dependencies. This may take a few minutes.
    3. To launch the application, run npm run dev. This may take a moment. Leave Terminal open while you are working on devdecks.
  • To create your own installation file

    • npm run package for macs
    • npm run package-win for windows
    • npm run package-linux for linux

Getting Started

  • The two buttons on the top right allow you to add a slide and go into presentation mode.
  • To add content to a slide, use the three buttons above the main slide container. Currently text, image, and code content can be added to slide decks.
  • Once content is added, it can be moved and resized by dragging.
  • When a component is active, options will appear on the right sidebar.
  • If no component is selected, options for the current slide will appear, including the ability to reorder and delete the current slide [KNOWN ISSUE].
  • Save or open your devdeck files through the menu bar or by pressing ⌘+S or ⌘+O, respectively.

Known Issues

  • Once components are added to the slide, user cannot access current slide options unless user clicks on that slide on the mini-slides thumbnail.
  • Undo/redo causes issues with current slide number being out of sync with state when adding/deleting or switching slides (current fix is to restart app) - app still works
  • It takes more ‘undo’ action calls than should be necessary to undo an action. This is because the undo function is listening to more than just the actions that render a visible difference on the document

User Feedback

Report bugs or request features email: Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Upcoming Features

Feel free to work on any of these features!

  • Allowing 3rd party plugins to be downloaded and consumed
  • Shapes