Real Time Huddle Room Sensor Network
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#Huddle Rooms

##Huddle Room state detection in real-time, Powered by MQTT, Node, &

###Broker Setup Install Mosca Mcollina/mosca (a Node.js MQTT Broker): npm install mosca

and get it up and running with: mosca -v | bunyan

Now you have a MQTT Broker running that you can publish or subscribe to various topics by using simple url style endpoints i.e. publish to the topic teamone/huddlerooms/huddle1/moving/ with the message via a MQTT Client. or a web browser can subscribe to a topic using websocket to communicate.

In our setup we'll be using to make this easier. Our node.js server is running localhost socket for web clients to connect to. In our /panel/index.html we connect to our connection here: var socket = io.connect('http://localhost:3000'); socket.on('connect', function () {};

and here's our MQTT topic subscription: socket.emit('subscribe', {topic : 'home/#'});

###Front End web app Next we'll install the Node.js based web browser client to subscribe and display the state of the Huddlerooms.

Mqtt Panel Dependencies:

  • node.js
  • mqtt
  • Diagram of MQTT setup

###Beagle Bone Black Setup (Gateways) INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Burn a image onto the beaglebone using flash instructions (insert link)

  2. Set a new IP address to static one provided

  1. cd /usr/lib/connman/test

  2. Setting IP, Subnet, Router IP- ./set-ipv4-method ethernet_c8a030b7e29c_cacble manual

  3. Check to see if internet is up. If not "reboot" in Terminal

  4. Run "Supervisord" in Terminal

  5. Run "Supervisorctl status" in Terminal

North West- Chad Bouer IP: Subnet: Router IP:

South Side- Ben Fong IP: Subnet: Router:

North East- Lauren IP: Subnet: Router:

####Updating PyBBIO

pip install --upgrade PyBBIO