Adds support for web cameras in Unreal Engine 4
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A plugin that lets you use your web camera in Unreal Engine 4! Currently implemented using DirectShow.

How to use

  1. This was latest tested on 4.10.2

  2. Copy the plugins folder to your <Game>/Plugins/ folder; alternatively, you can copy to the Engine/Plugins/ if you wish to make the plugin available to all of your projects.

    Do not forget to run UE4's Generate Project Files to account for these changes!

  3. Hook up the Texture you get from running Connect(cameraIndex) to a UPROPERTY to prevent it from being garbage collected in your cpp somewhere (begin play might be a good place). Then check out the M_Webcamera material and the character blueprints event graphs to see an example of how you can hook up the texture to a mesh.

  4. Have fun!


I was inspired a lot by this directshow project by a guy called "Limitz":