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LLMstudio by TensorOps

Prompt Engineering at your fingertips

LLMstudio logo


LLMstudio is now supporting OpenAI v1.0 + just added support to Anthropic

🌟 Features

LLMstudio UI

  1. Python Client Gateway:
    • Access models from known providers such as OpenAI, VertexAI and Bedrock. All in one platform.
    • Speed up development with tracking and robustness features from LLMstudio.
    • Continue using popular libraries like LangChain through their LLMstudio-wrapped versions.
  2. Prompt Editing UI:
    • An intuitive interface designed for prompt engineering.
    • Quickly iterate between prompts until you reach your desired results.
    • Access the history of your previous prompts and their results.
  3. History Management:
    • Track past runs, available for both on the UI and the Client.
    • Log the cost, latency and output of each prompt.
    • Export the history to a CSV.
  4. Context Limit Adaptability:
    • Automatic switch to a larger-context fallback model if the current model's context limit is exceeded.
    • Always use the lowest context model and only use the higher context ones when necessary to save costs.
    • For instance, exceeding 4k tokens in gpt-3.5-turbo triggers a switch to gpt-3.5-turbo-16k.

πŸ‘€ Coming soon:

  • Side-by-side comparison of multiple LLMs using the same prompt.
  • Automated testing and validation for your LLMs. (Create Unit-tests for your LLMs which are evaluated automatically)
  • API key administration. (Define quota limits)
  • Projects and sessions. (Organize your History and API keys by project)
  • Resilience against service provider rate limits.
  • Organized tracking of groups of related prompts (Chains, Agents)

πŸš€ Quick Install

Install the SDK using

pip install LLMstudio

Run the startup command

LLMstudio server --ui

You can access the UI at http://localhost:3000 and send requests to the API at http://localhost:8000

πŸ€” About LLMstudio

Powered by TensorOps, LLMstudio redefines your experience with OpenAI, Vertex Ai and more language model providers. More than just a tool, it’s an evolving environment where teams can experiment, modify, and optimize their interactions with advanced language models.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined Prompt Engineering: Simplify and enhance your prompt design process.
  • Execution History: Keep a detailed log of past executions, track progress, and make iterative improvements effortlessly.
  • Effortless Data Export: Share your team's endeavors by exporting data to shareable CSV files.

Step into the future of AI with LLMstudio, by watching our introduction video

πŸ“– Documentation

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributing

  • Head on to our Contribution Guide to see how you can help LLMstudio.
  • Join our Discord to talk with other LLMstudio enthusiasts.

Thank you for choosing LLMstudio. Your journey to perfecting AI interactions begins here.