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PowerShell module for converting Curl commands to PowerShell
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This module is a utility module to help convert curl commands to Invoke-RestMethod syntax.

This module includes classes for dealing with the curl command as well as URLs, but primarily converts curl commands to Invoke-RestMethod syntax with the ConvertTo-IRM function.

To install the module:

Install-Module Curl2PS

Usage examples:

$CurlString = @"
curl -H "X-Auth-Key: 61e5f04ca1794253ed17e6bb986c1702" -H "X-Auth-Workspace:" -H "X-Auth-Signature: " -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" -X GET

PS> $splat = ConvertTo-IRM $CurlString
PS> Invoke-RestMethod @splat

Or if you'd prefer the string command:

ConvertTo-IRM $CurlString -String

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method GET -Headers @{
    'X-Auth-Key' = '61e5f04ca1794253ed17e6bb986c1702'
    'Accept' = 'application/json'
    'X-Auth-Signature' = ''
    'X-Auth-Workspace' = ''
    'Content-Type' = 'application/json'

Or another example:

PS> ConvertTo-IRM -CurlCommand 'curl --request GET ",onhold&role=user&limit=6&format=json"  --data ""' -String

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method GET -Headers @{
    'Authorization' = 'Basic bmNnMWluLThkMXJhZzo1bnVhdXpqNXBrZmZ0bHozZm15a3NteWhhdDZqMzVrZg=='


If you find a curl command that doesn't properly convert, please open an issue!

PRs welcome!

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