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This is The Simple Soldier's final submission for Battlecode 2016, which finished 9-12 in the finals and was awarded Most Adaptive Strategy.

Repositories of several other teams can be found here:

Please note that many code quality standards are intentionally broken for the sake of making submissions as efficient as possible. Battlecode measures computation in the number of Bytecode instructions executed, and there are several tricks to reduce bytecode execution. You will note that we make heavy use of static methods and variables, 'reverse' for-loops, large switch statements, long series of if-statements where a for-loop might typically be used, and many other code quality infractions.

You will also see a terrible lack of encapsulation, a design tradeoff that has been found to expedite our development process. Teams only have three weeks to develop their submissions; anything that speeds up development at minimal cost has a beneficial effect on the final submission.