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Spaceflight News API

Spaceflight News API was created as a solution for my problem when I wanted to develop an app for Spaceflight News: many (great!) news sites with different API's.

To make it easier for myself, I began a project that would aggegrate metadata from those news sites and publish them through an API. Since there are others that might benefit from this API, I decided make the API publicly available.

There are great apps out on the internet, that are connected to services like By making this API available to everyone, I hope to open new doors for the developers of these apps.


The documentation is generated from the code, and can be found at

Version 2

In Juli 2020, Launch Library 2.0 was released, within the new The Space Devs group. I've joined this group as a partner developer, and started finalizing SNAPI 2.0.

Version 2.0 of SNAPI is a rewrite of the enitre API. It's using the amazing Strapi as a backend, with custom endpoints written by me. SNAPI 2 sets the stage for new features to come. 2.0 focuses on bringing the existing features to the new format.

Version 3

In the Spring of 2021, Strapi announced that they would retire support for MongoDB. Since SNAPI was using MongoDB as the database, this had quite a big impact. Version 3 of the API is exactly the same as version 2 (in terms of the response), except the ID's. These changed from ObjectID's (strings) to integers.

Version 4

In 2023 SNAPI V3 launched, completely re-written in Python (Django) for various reasons. Using proven libraries, this version is focussed on long-term stability and maintainability.

Launch Library 2 integration

Starting from version 2, we now have Launch Library 2 integration. This way you can easily get news related to a specific launch. A nice to have if you want to have a "related news/launches" section in your app!

Currently imported news sites

  • Nasaspaceflight,
  • Spacex,
  • Spaceflightnow,
  • Spacenews,
  • Nasa,
  • Phys,
  • Arstechnica,
  • Blueorigin,
  • Spaceflightinsider,
  • Thejapantimes,
  • Theverge,
  • Teslarati,
  • Elonx,
  • Virgingalactic,
  • Esa

Currently imported blog sites

  • Planetary Society
  • National Space Society



  • Rewritten in Python and Django.


  • Package updates
  • Sentry fixes


  • Package updates


  • Various Sentry issues fixed


  • Strapi updates
  • Sentry updates
  • Admin interface updates


  • Switch to use Postgres as database


  • The lost "article per (LL2) event" endpoint is back
  • Changed the G4L logo on the site
  • Added Sentry again, via the new Strapi plugin
  • Changed from amqplib to amqp-connection-manager
  • Updated to Strapi 3.5.3


  • Dependency updates
  • Code cleanup
  • Admin side of things


  • Backend changes on how new content is processed
  • Package updates


  • Complete rewrite of the app, focusing on existing features