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The SOC Analysts all-in-one CLI tool to automate and speed up workflow.
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Sooty can Currently:

  • Sanitise URL's to be safe to send in emails
  • Perform reverse DNS and DNS lookups
  • Perform reputation checks from:
  • Check if an IP address is a TOR exit node
  • Decode Proofpoint URL's and UTF-8 encoded URLS
  • Get file hashes and compare them against VirusTotal (see requirements)
  • Perform WhoIs Lookups
  • Check Usernames and Emails against HaveIBeenPwned to see if a breach has occurred.


Version 1.1 - The Reputation Update

  • Improved Rep Checker
  • Added HaveIBeenPwned Functionality
  • Added DNS Tools and WhoIs Functionality
  • Added Hash and VirusTotal Checkers
  • Added Abuse IPDB, Tor Exit Node, BadIP's to Reputation Checker

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
  • URL and ProofPoint Decoder
  • Initial implementation of Reputation Checker
  • Sanitize links to be safe for email


This is an outline of what features will be coming in future versions.

Version 1.2 - The Phishing Update

- Add Ability to extract email addresses and URL's from mail.
- Correlate emails and URL's to see if they have been reported for phishing (PhishTank)
- Scan email attachments for malicious content, macros, files, scan hashes, etc.

Version 1.3 - The Case Update

- Add a 'New Case' Feature, allowing output of the tool to be output to a txt file.


  • Python 3.x
  • To use the Hash comparison with VirusTotal requires an API key, replace the key VT_API_KEY in the code with your own key. The tool will still function without this key, however this feature will not work.
  • To use the Reputation Checker with AbuseIPDB requires an API Key, replace the key AB_API_KEY in the code with your own key. The tool will still function without this key, however this feature will not work.


Want to contribute? Great!

Code Contributions

  • New features / requests should start by opening an issue. This helps track new features and prevent crossover.
  • If you wish to work on a feature, leave a comment on the issue page and I will assign you to it.
  • All code modifications, enhancements or additions must be done through a pull request.
  • Once reviewed and merged, contibutors will be added to the ReadMe


  • Aaron J Copley for his code to decode ProofPoint URL's
  • James Duarte for adding a hash and auto-check option to the hashing function
  • mrpnkt for adding the missing whois requirement to requirements.txt

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