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MailDump is a python-based clone of the awesome MailCatcher tool. Its purpose is to provide developers a way to let applications send emails without actual emails being sent to anyone. Additionally lazy developers might prefer this over a real SMTP server simply for the sake of it being much easier and faster to set up.


Since the goal of this project is to have the same features as MailCatcher I suggest you to read its readme instead.

However, there is one unique feature in MailDump: Password protection for the web interface. If your MailDump instance is listening on a public IP you might not want your whole company to have access to it. Instead you can use an Apache-style htpasswd file. I have tested it with SHA-encrypted passwords but you can use any encryption supported by passlib.apache.


After installing maildump, run maildump --help for a list of available command line arguments. By default maildump runs its webserver on port 1080 and its SMTP server on port 1025 (both only available via localhost). Unless you specify a database file, received mails are lost when maildump terminates.


The layout of the web interface has been taken from MailCatcher. No Copy&Paste involved - I rewrote the SASS/Compass stylesheet from MailCatcher in SCSS as there is a pure-python implementation of SCSS available. If whoever reads this feels like creating a new layout that looks as good or even better feel free to send a pull request. I'd actually prefer a layout that differs from MailCatcher at least a little bit but I'm somewhat bad at creating layouts!

The icon was created by Tobia Crivellari.


Copyright © 2013-2020 Adrian Mönnich ( Released under the MIT License, see LICENSE for details.