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Purescript Version Manager

⚠️ NOT MAINTAINED, feel free to fork this project or use a better installation process ⚠️


First, let's install psvm through npm : npm install -g psvm.

FYI, psvm will create a directory $HOME/.psvm and will work in it as the default directory. If you want to use a different directory, you can set an environment variable PSVM_HOME.

It will :

  • put versions of Purescript you download in $HOME/.psvm/versions (or $PSVM_HOME/versions, if $PSVM_HOME is set)
  • put all bin files for the version you want to use in $HOME/.psvm/current/bin (or $PSVM_HOME/current/bin, if $PSVM_HOME is set)

Because of the last point, it's necessary you add $HOME/.psvm/current/bin in your PATH.


Let's run psvm --help to see what we can do:

Purescript version manager

[--help, -?]        Display help about this program
[--version, -V]     Display the version of this program

Available Commands:
help                display help about this program
ls-remote           List releases available on the Purescript repo
latest              Print the latest available version of Purescript
install             Install a specific version of Purescript
use                 Use the specified installed version of Purescript
ls                  List installed versions of Purescript
current             Output the current version used of Purescript
install-latest      Install the latest version of Purescript
uninstall           Uninstall a specific version of Purescript


  • To get all versions of Purescript available on the github repo: psvm ls-remote
  • To install the version v0.7.0 of Purescript : psvm install v0.7.0
  • To install the latest version of Purescript : psvm install-latest
  • To use the version v0.7.3 of Purescript : psvm use v0.7.3


  • Some old versions of PureScript only offer the source code, they will not be installed.
  • psvm has been tested on 64-bit versions of Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.
  • psvm uses the GitHub API for some commands, which can lead to rate limiting, especially on CI services. If an environment variable GITHUB_API_TOKEN is set, it will be used for authenticating to the GitHub API.
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