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TSiD Project

TSiD Project is a community server meant to have its users as 'administrators' Current Stable version : 1 Version 2 is not being developed yet, but will probably be next summer


You can get either the server or the client sources from the git hub repo, or get directly the binaries on the realease page.

Server and Client :

  • Platform : Linux, Windows, Mac OSX (MAC OSX support is theorical)
  • SFML ≥ 2.2
  • A compiler that supports c++11

License : MIT License

Read the license file

##About v1
What can v1 do ?

  • All what v0 already does
  • Smooth display
  • File description
  • Removing partially retrieved files on server
  • Client can dowload/upload a whole folder recursively
  • A client can create a new account ( ie, for friends )
  • More commands for client : invite, msg , mkdir, version, passwd, ?
  • Better help for client
  • Server removes partially uploaded files
  • Added a config file
  • The server may send a message to a client at his connection


Any contributions are welcome. (on br v2 or above)