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Release MIT licensed Build Status Go Report Card

Ydict, another command-line youdao dictionary for geeks!



  • Chinese -> English
  • English -> Chinese
  • Show hints if word is not found
  • Speech
  • Show example sentences
  • Vim support



brew tap timothyye/tap
brew install timothyye/tap/ydict

Using Go

go install

Manual Installation

Download it from releases, and extract it to /usr/bin.

Integrate with Vim

To query words from Vim, you need another Vim plugin: vim-ydict


Starting from V0.9, speech feature is available. You need to install mpg123 to enable this feature.

Windows x64

Speech Adaptation by ycrao under Windows OS.

  • Just copy bass.dll and mpg123.exe (can also with ydict.exe) file to Windows system path (such as C:\Windows\ or C:\Windows\System32 ) .
  • Or copy bass.dll and mpg123.exe (can also with ydict.exe) file to somewhere in the same directory, and setting that directory in PATH System Environment Variables .

Mac OS

brew install mpg123


sudo apt-get install mpg123


yum install -y mpg123


ydict [flags]

  -c, --cache       Query with local cache, and save the query word(s) into the cache.
  -d, --delete      Remove word(s) from the cache.
  -h, --help        help for ydict
  -l, --list        List all the words from the local cache.
  -m, --more        Query with more example sentences.
  -p, --play int    Scan and display all the words in local cache.
  -q, --quiet       Query with quiet mode, don't show spinner.
  -r, --reset       Clear all the words from the local cache.
  -s, --sentence    Translation of sentences.
  -v, --voice int   Query with voice speech, the default voice play count is 0.
  1. Query
ydict <word(s) to query>
  1. Query with speech
ydict -v 1 <word(s) to query>
  1. Query and show more example sentences
ydict -m <word(s) to query>
  1. Query and add this word into local cache, next time when you query the same word, it will be feched from the local cache and be much more faster.
ydict -c <word(s) to query>
  1. Query sentence
ydict -s "你觉得咋样?"

SOCKS5 proxy

Starting from V0.5, you can use SOCKS5 proxy. At the same directory of ydict, just create a .env file:


Now all the queries will go through the specified SOCKS5 proxy.

New words notebook

Starting from ydict V2.0, new words notebook is supported. You can use is to add/delete your new words and play it.

  • Add a new word to the notebook
ydict -c hello
  • Remove a word from the notebook
ydict -d hello
  • List all the words from the notebook
ydict -l
  • Display a random word from the notebook for every 10 seconds
ydict -p 10


Just type "ydict" to get help.


MIT License