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Bot for AddMeFast updated 2016. It work with the most popular Social Network.
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AddMeFast-Bot2016 is a bot for AddMeFast updated on March 2016 developed in JavaScript and iMacros.

It works with:

What needs to work?

You need to install iMacros script.

How does it work?

  1. Copy AMF2016.js into iMacros/Macros.
  2. Copy accountAMF2016.csv int iMacros/Datasources.
  3. Update the .csv with your credentials.
  4. Open the browser, select AMF2016.js and press run button. The bot will ask to you if you have an account of supported social and how many times run it.

I implemented the auto login on social selected but I recommend you login manually . The bot has been tested on Firefox and on social Italian.

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