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The new website with something better than Yst (also, change the title)


To work on the website you need the following things:

  • Jekyll and mdl via ruby gems: gem install jekyll mdl guard-livereload. You might need ruby development headers for this to work: apt-get install ruby-dev. Also in case of trouble this may help (install gem install bundler). mdl is optional for linting the markdown.

  • pandoc, version 1.10 or higher (optional for building the spec).

    Install it via apt-get install pandoc, or cabal install pandoc, if you prefer the haskell way of doing it (this may take a while to install though). See for other methods.

  • linkchecker via apt-get install linkchecker (optional for link checking).

The follwing make targets are available:

  • make all: build the complete website including external content.
  • make changelog: download changelogs (included in all)
  • make roadmap: download roadmaps (included in all)
  • make spec: download and parse the spec with pandoc (included in all)
  • make lint: run markdown linter mdl
  • make check: run linkchecker