a website in ruby on rails for design showcases. will be used at plasticpilots.com
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Warning: This code is ancient and not being maintained. Stay clear.

== Welcome to plasticairships

every pilot needs a plane, err... airship.

=== History
Plasticairship is the software that runs plasticpilots.com, a website and community about design
that is online since 2002 and after a new owner came took over in 2008 it received a relaunch.
Before, plasticpilots was running expression engine, but the new owner is a rails-addict as
well as a open source fan-boy. Developing the software for your websites in open source
or even public domain is definitely one of the best things to do and you might want to do it
as well. Just think of a Mediawiki or Wordpress.

=== What it does
The main features of plasticairships are a blog, showcases (only websites for now), and in
near future some upload functionality (in the special case of plasticpilots with will be open content vector graphic, think OCAL, just more sophisticated)

A principal design idea is to allow visitors creating content as easy as possible.
Requiring an account and login is one of the biggest obstacle and plasticairship tries
to avoid those. That means you don't need an accout to suggest a new blog post or site,
only thing is a moderator that needs to publish the user generated content. The underlying
Goldberg CMS features custom user roles which is a great advantage for this purpose.

=== Installation

mkdir log
rake db:schema:load
rake goldberg:install
rake db:reset
rake goldberg:load_bootstrap

=== Upgrade

most likely it's just this:
rake db:migrate

=== Version History
no release yet

=== Authors
* Thomas R. Koll, tomk32@gmx.de, http://ananasblau.com and http://plasticpilots.com