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Website management for the rest of us.

Amalia is a content management system, from Van Patten Media. Amalia makes it easy for anyone to have a simple website — and be able to make changes to their site's pages through the simple file browser and editing interface. Adding and editing pages is a breeze, and you can also upload images and documents, and organise your site in folders.

Amalia is a database-less CMS, so it doesn't need the complexity, maintenance, and expense of a MySQL server, making it possible to run on even many of the most limited of web hosting packages.


  • Simple, elegant file browser for organising pages
  • Built-in visual editor for web pages
  • Media uploader and editor
  • Powerful templates and theme support for web designers
  • Keyword and description support
  • Potential for extensibility with a plugin architecture
  • No database required — works on even many of the most limited web hosts


Amalia works really well for running a simple, editable, database-less website (it really does!), but you should be aware that in its current state:

  • The plugin architecture is unfinished — it has a robust design, but too few 'hooks' in the Core code for many useful plugins to be written
  • BYOT — Bring Your Own Themes/Templates — at the current time, you will need to provide your own themes and templates, or your Amalia website will look a little spartan. We have documentation to help with that.
  • Your web server needs to meet the system requirements.
  • You need the ability to place files outside the DocumentRoot for security reasons (or at the very least, use .htaccess or similar to lock down the Users Path). See Installation for more information. This is vital for a secure installation.

We would love your contributions to this open source project — in Core code, plugins, default themes/templates, ideas and feedback. Perhaps we will, in time, be able to remove some of these limitations from the list!

Amalia was originally designed and developed by Chris Van Patten, Peter Upfold and Nick Sampsell, and was inspired by 'legacy Amalia', written by Jacob Peddicord.

The project is released under this licence.