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ROS packages for Parallax Eddie Robot
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Eddiebot ROS

ros-version ubuntu-version

This repo provides several ROS packages for Parallax Eddie Robot (for short EddieBot), where we implements 1) a basic bringup driver for controlling EddieBot; 2) EddieBot navigation stack; 3) Several room segmentation algorithm; 4) EddieBot Gazebo simulation environment; 5) EddieBot ROS-related visualization tools; 6) EddieBot indoor environment sound source localization simulator (for more information above this task, please visit HERE).

1. Demo

SLAM Map Building


Room Segmentation


Indoor-Environment Sound Source Localization Simulation


2. Installation

Several dependencies are need to be installed before using our EddieBot ROS packages. A more detailed instructions are provided in each package, a brief guideline is listed below:

Note: you do not have to install ALL those dependencies, just install what you need.

3. Usage &Brief Guideline

Here is a brief guideline for you to navigate this repo

  • eddiebot implements basic driver for running EddieBot
  • eddiebot_apps implements several applications of EddieBot, which includes: 1) EddieBot navigation; 2) SSL simulation; 3) Room segmentation
  • eddiebot_simulator implements eddiebot gazebo simulation environment
  • eddiebot_viz provides visualization tools, like rviz, for eddiebot application

Almost every package is carefully documented, you can find the installation instructions, the usage instructions, and the frequent Q&A in each individual package. Please navigate this repo and check it out.

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