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Top Shelf Craft

CraftCMS plugins and resources by Michael Rog

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  1. Top Shelf Craft plugin release details in beautiful Craft-spec JSON


  2. A plugin for Craft CMS 3.x to help distinguish your Craft environments you don't forget where you are.

    PHP 12

  3. A plugin for Craft CMS 3.x to help you manage and manipulate text.

    PHP 24 12

  4. A plugin to sort and sift things in your Craft CMS templates.

    PHP 39

  5. A Craft-aware array_walk() method, plus some console commands for extra convenience, to easily apply Craft service/helper/Task methods to a collection of elements.

    PHP 22 1

  6. Template-based PDF toolkit for Craft CMS. (Use Printmaker to easily create, concatenate, and output PDF files from your Craft CMS templates.)

    PHP 6


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