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TouchLay e.U.

TouchLay e.U.

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TouchLay Sync - Real-time document-based data syncronisation service in NodeJS using and MongoDB.

Updated September 06, 2013


TLay Touch is a UDP protocol that allows you to add multitouch support to programs.

Updated June 13, 2013


Converting TUIO to TLay Touch events

Updated June 13, 2013


The manager system for the new TouchNet 2.X

Updated March 05, 2013


The core system for the new TouchNet 2.X

Updated February 17, 2013


[STABLE] TouchNet is an open-source service provided to our users to help you manage your applications without hassle. One registered account will allow you to login on many applications. Contrary to openID, the TouchNet is application based and is going to be offering an application directory to use applications from.

Updated January 01, 2013

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Updated December 12, 2011

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