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Add-ons for Tree of Savior
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Recent updates (最近の更新内容)

Last Updated : November 5, 2019

  • Map Mate Ver. 0.90
    • 10/30に行われたIToSのアップデートに対応しました。
      Added support for IToS update on October 30.

March 16, 2019

  • Map Mate Ver. 0.89
    • 3/13に行われたIToSのアップデートに対応しました。
      Added support for IToS update on March 13.

About Re: Build patch (Update in Mar 2, 2019) (Re:Buildパッチへの対応について)

I have confirmed that the following add-on is affected by Re: Build patch.

  • Better Pick Queue
    • There is a problem that operation stops when equipment items are picked up.
      • Support completed in Ver.1.14.
  • BuffCounter
    • Since the ID number of the buff and the acquisition method have been changed, the buffing enhancement value can not be displayed correctly.
      • Support completed in Ver.1.19.
  • Dur notice Mini
    • Since the method of obtaining the item endurance value was changed, there was a problem that display of durability was not done at all.
      • Support completed in Ver.1.23.
  • Equip Marker
    • It does not work.
      • Although it was provisionally supported by Ver. 1.03, the following functions can not be used.
        • Display does not apply to item decomposition window.
        • The display does not apply to the item column being equipped.
  • Remaining Counter
    • There is a problem that the skill icon is not displayed.
      • Support completed in Ver.1.04.
  • Shop Helper
    • The skill level is not displayed at buff shops.
      • Because the actual skill level differs from the displayed skill level, we are considering abolishing this function.
    • The endurance value will not be displayed until repaired at the repair shop.
      • It occurred when it was involved in the problem of EquipMarker.
        Please update EquipMarker.


The author is not currently working in ToS.
Therefore, I am planning to fix fatal things. However, basically it only updates as a whim.

Add-ons for Tree of Savior - Tree of Saviorアドオン集

Please: I am not good at English. I frequently translate English into different nuances.
So, I would appreciate it if you could told me the correct translation when you see an unnatural English translation

Better Pick Queue Ver. 1.14 ( JP / EN )

This add-on enhances the ability to display the items picked up.
Image of main image of Better-Pick-Queue

BuffCounter Ver. 1.19 ( JP / EN / KR )

This add-on will tell you the remaining number of upper buffs.
(In addition, the remaining time of the token is displayed in the buff field)
"Image of main image of Buff-Counter"

Clover Finder Ver. 2.01 ( JP / EN )

That is a famous add-on that has certain circumstances.
It stopped working due to the patch of December 2017. However, I reorganized it so that it moves again.
However, for this add-on is the elimination target, handling is at your own risk.

Don't Decompose Me Ver. 1.02 ( JP / EN )

It makes it easier to distinguish items so as not to disassemble important items at the time of item disassembly.
(It will not be able to prevent the decomposition by mistake)
"Image of main image of Don't-Decompose-Me"

Dur notice Mini Ver. 1.23 ( JP / EN )

This add-on will tell you the minimum durability value of your equipment.
"Image of main image of Dur-Notice-Mini"

Equip Marker Ver. 1.03

This add-on adds enhancement value, item rank and unidentified icon to the item display.
Image of main image of Equip-Marker

Experience Viewer Ex Ver. 1.02

This add-on will display all sorts of information about your character's experience and information on acquired silver.

Item Drops 2 Ver. 2.01 ( JP / EN )

ItemDrops is back. It highlights the dropped item more strongly.
Image of main image of ItemDrops2

Map Mate Ver. 0.90 ( JP / EN )

This add-on makes map display a lot convenient.
"Image of main image of Map-Mate"

Shop Helper Ver. 0.90 ( JP / EN / KR / BR )

This add-on will make the display of the stalls opened in towns etc. a little easier to use.
"Image of main image of ShopHelper" "Image of setting image of ShopHelper"

Tooltip Helper Ver. 1.04 (Rebuild by Toukibi)( JP / EN )

Tooltip Helperはツールチップに追加の情報を表示するためのアドオンです。   冒険日誌の変更パッチで動かなくなった原作を再構築したものです。 Tooltip Helper is an add-on for displaying additional information on tooltips.
It is the one which reconstructed original version which stopped working with change patch of Journal. Tooltip Helperのイメージ

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