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ToxBank Investigation

Investigation service for ToxBank.


Dependencies: ruby 2.0.x, git, zip, java, curl, wget

gem install toxbank-investigation
toxbank-investigation-install # service setup, configuration and webserver start


get the development branch:

git clone  
cd toxbank-investigation
git checkout development

edit Gemfile:
uncomment and edit if you want to use github versions of opentox gems

  gem 'opentox-server', :git => "git://", :branch => "development"
  gem 'opentox-client', :git => "git://", :branch => "development"

uncomment and edit if you want to use local installations of opentox gems

  gem 'opentox-server', :path => "~/opentox-server"
  gem "opentox-client", :path => "~/opentox-client"

install the service via bundler gem

bundle install
# Do you want to start the webserver? (y/n)
# Answer "n" 
unicorn -c unicorn.rb # starts server as defined in unicorn.rb
# unicorn -h: more options

see also

see also