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A collection of tools and libraries for easier development on the JavaFX platform!
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A collection of tools and libraries for easier development on the JavaFX platform

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EasyFXML is an opinionated set of tools aiming to simplify development of robust and modular JavaFX applications.

The project is divided in multiple modules (each explicitly opt-in apart from the eponym core one). Feel free to have a look around:


This project makes heavy (and sometimes non-obvious) use of JavaFX and Spring Boot features, and requires knowledge of both for optimal experience. You can go head-first without that prior knowledge, but it might not be quite ideal is all.

Licensing and contributions

All contributions are welcome, both as questions, constructive criticism, feature requests and of course pull requests.

There is not yet a clear organization for making first-contributions easy, but a good rule of thumb is to ensure opening an issue before making a pull-request so that the technical implementation's requirements can be discussed before work is done. Then, crack on! :-)

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