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Grafic user interface made for Evolutionary Computation Framework
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This project was started at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb for the purpose of Software Design Project course and later for the BSc Thesis. It's main purpose is to simplify the use of the Evolutionary Computation Framework (ECF). The task was to make portable desktop application which should run ECF that is written in C++. For that purpose, we decided to use Swing as the part of the Java platform. Before ECF Lab, user had to manually write configuration files and run experiments from the console. Results were in form of plain text files with no graphical representation. A lot of mistakes were made during execution of the experiments, so the need for such an application was clear. ECF Lab supports parallel execution of numerous experiments and it provides nice visualisation of computed results. This app is supposed to be version independent, so when new algorithms, genotypes and parameters are added, app should work as well as before.

More info about ECF project:

Video demos

Choose ECF executable file that represents optimization problem. (CLICK TO SEE VIDEO)

Choose ECF executable file

Configuration file contains vital information for the ECF engine. It describes algorithms and genotypes with associated parameters which will be used for evolutionary computation. With ECF Lab it is easy to read, update and save configuration files. (CLICK TO SEE VIDEO)

Manipulate configuration file

Run multiple experiments parallel and view results in a interactive environment. (CLICK TO SEE VIDEO)

Run experiments

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