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Oct 21, 2016

Trey's Style Guide

These style guides aim to document Trey Hunner's preferred style for writing Python code and more.


During my Readability Counts talk at DjangoCon 2016, I recommended that everyone embrace and document their own opinionated code style by creating a style guide for each project they create.

At the end of this talk, a friend (friends always ask the hardest questions) asked whether I had a recommendation for a good code style guide and I said no.

This repository is my effort at working toward my own default code style guide that I actually admire.


  • Create an opinionated Python style guide
  • Create a style guide for documentation and rich text

Possible future goals:

  • Create a Django style guide
  • Create a JavaScript style guide


The contents of this repository are released into the Public Domain. You're welcome to steal this work without credit if you so desire. I would greatly appreciate a tweet/email letting me know what you think of this guide and how you're using it. I'd love to hear how you're using this, but please don't feel obligated to credit me or contact me. 😸


Trey's preferred style for writing Python code and more




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