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Sublime Text 2 Syntax highlighting for ECT, embedded CoffeeScript HTML
Additionally, as ECT is backward compatible with ECO, so is this.


Comes with sets of open and close tags:

<% %>
<< >>
<? ?>
{{ }}

You would specify open and close options when you create a new ECT engine/renderer, within your application.


Via the Sublime Package Manager, under ECT.
Or simply clone this repo into /Sublime Text 2/Data/Packages/ECT/


You may create your own tags by copying a .tmLanguage file.
The {{ }} template, ect_html3.tmLanguage, would be the easiest.

Replace all occurances (they're all contained within one <dict> around line 500) of each open and close tag with your own tags

Also, be sure to rename the .tmLanguage near the top of the file:

<string>ECT {{</string>

Note that html characters must be encoded within the .tmLanguage files. eg. < is expressed as &lt;

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