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Contents v1.0.4 prep Feb 8, 2016 v1.0.4 prep Feb 8, 2016 Chromecast no longer works, not sure why Feb 8, 2016


This is a plugin that creates a new channel in Plex Media Server to view content from LihatTV. It is currently under development and as such, should be considered alpha software and potentially unstable.

Note: the author of this plugin has no affiliation with LihatTV nor the owners of the content that they host.


  • Watch Live IPTV
  • Search IPTV
  • Custom Bookmarks
  • Block Adult Content
  • Update from within the Channel

Channel Support

Plex Media Server:
  • Tested Working:
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: PMS version
    • Windows 7 & 10: PMS version
Plex Clients:
  • Tested Working:
    • Plex Home Theater (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and Windows 7 & 10)
    • Plex Media Player (Plex: 2.4.37, PMP: 1.0.3, OpenELEC(Raspberry Pi): 6.0)
    • Android (KitKat 4.4.2)
    • Plex/Web (2.5.4)
  • Not Working:
    • Chromecast

How To Install

  • Download the latest release and install LihatTV.bundle by following the Plex instructions or the instructions below.
    • Unzip and rename the folder to "LihatTV.bundle"
    • Copy LihatTV.bundle into the PMS Plug-ins directory
    • Restart PMS This is old, should not have to restart PMS. If channel does not appear then Restart PMS


  • Channel = Movies, mp4 streams are old style Google Picasa links with set timeout. Most links have expired.
  • Removed options for mms and rtmp streams. Too many issues with compatibility in Plex Framework. May add back later.