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About TypeRocket

TypeRocket is a WordPress framework that beautifully joins refined UI elements and modern programming architecture together, creating a cohesive developer experience. By bringing TypeRocket into your workflow you can save countless hours of development and painlessly craft WordPress applications with:

  • View and logic separation in your theme templates.
  • Beautiful form UI creation with 29+ custom field types and flexible data binding.
  • Fluent post type, meta box, taxonomy and admin page registration.
  • Powerful ORM with eager loading and deep WordPress integration.
  • Component based page builder that you control.
  • Policy, capability, and role management.
  • Laravel inspired routing and controllers.
  • Modern dependency injection container.
  • Symfony based CLI called Galaxy.

TypeRocket is a sleek, powerful, and modernizes WordPress.

Getting Started

TypeRocket v5 Andromeda is well documented, and we have many video tutorials and written articles to help you get started. Typerocket is easy to install via composer project or as a WordPress plugin.

Pro Version

TypeRocket Pro is a paid upgrade to TypeRocket v5 Andromeda. To learn more about TypeRocket Pro see our comparison cart.


TypeRocket is open-sourced software licenced under the GNU General Public License 3.0.


TypeRocket is a highly integrated MVC WordPress framework with beautiful UI components for the modern developer.




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