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WordPress is a popular content management system, used for websites and blogs. WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL and is designed to be flexible and user-friendly.

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fabioaccetta commented Apr 20, 2019

I have a local working https://wordpress.local with a valid autogenerated local ssl certificate (green lock in all browsers), but if i try to configure wpackio.server.js this way:

	host: 'localhost',
	proxy: 'https://wordpress.local',
	port: 3000,

i got empty response.

I'm on linux using latest master version (with latest version of all packages).

I'm not a `browser-sync/

seb86 commented Aug 18, 2020

Is this enhancement related to a problem? Please describe.

Eventually the use of NAMESPACES could help with a number of things including packaging the plugin much easier into CoCart Pro and speed for those using PHP 7+

Describe the solution you'd like

Include namespaces like so.

namespace CoCart\CoCartLite\RestAPI;

Then the namespace can be used like so.

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Released May 27, 2003

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