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Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab


  1. sentence-transformers sentence-transformers Public

    Multilingual Sentence & Image Embeddings with BERT

    Python 12.5k 2.2k

  2. deeplearning4nlp-tutorial deeplearning4nlp-tutorial Public

    Hands-on tutorial on deep learning with a special focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Python 624 275

  3. arxiv2018-xling-sentence-embeddings arxiv2018-xling-sentence-embeddings Public

    Concatenated Power Mean Embeddings as Universal Cross-Lingual Sentence Representations

    JavaScript 185 24

  4. EasyNMT EasyNMT Public

    Easy to use, state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation for 100+ languages

    Python 980 96

  5. fever-2018-team-athene fever-2018-team-athene Public

    Python 44 17


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